“Unfortunately, I found myself charged with misdemeanors whilst on business in Indianapolis. Much to my horror, the arresting officer and the state tried to escalate my minor charges to a felony! It was my first time being arrested so I had no idea what was ahead of me. My company was wise enough to consult Greg Spencer who proved to be an experienced, well respected advocate, able to navigate local court issues expertly. He successfully got me released on bail, even though I was from out of town. That in itself was worth hiring Greg.

But Greg continued to voraciously represent me in my absence, collecting evidence in spite of obstacles. He adeptly deposed witnesses, dissected the testimonies and developed a brilliant defense. I was keen not to return to Indiana, so Greg negotiated a plea deal on my behalf which keeps me home with my loved ones, and satisfies the court. Quite simply, Greg gave me my life back. He knew how to confront every challenge we faced together. One could not hope for better representation. I owe Greg Spencer my freedom.”

– Gordon

“There just aren’t enough words to express how great the customer service is. Greg and his team were “Johnny on the spot” handling my issues with my landlord. Renters DO have rights and Greg was able to negotiate a total win for me. I would HIGHLY recommend using this Attorney.”

– Sabrina

“I hired Greg Spencer to represent my son on multiple felony charges in two counties. He tirelessly worked every angle of his case until a very favorable plea agreement was reached. The level of care, understanding, and communication that our family received from Greg and his paralegal was incredible. I can’t say enough good about this attorney and highly recommend his services. He is a class act.”

– Shannon

“This is who you NEED!!!

Professional, reasonable, reliable. They will not sugar coat Mr. Spencer and his Paralegal are nothing but exceptional. The dash they have gives you full view of everything going on.”

– Regina

“I had never dealt with a lawyer and I was nervous about the whole experience. I can’t say enough good things about this man and his employees. Everyone has been extremely kind, helpful and on top of things.


They answer all of my questions, are always tentive on answering my calls and responding on MyCase (their online communication portal) etc.

If Greg can’t take my call, he always calls back right away. It has been nothing but a positive experience and I’m more than satisfied with their work altogether!”

– Dew

“Thank you so much for all your efforts. I’m lacking words so show my gratitude to your hard work. I really appreciate everything you did so far, thank you so much.”

– K