White Collar Crime

white-collar-attorney-indianapolis-greg-spencer-lawWhite collar crimes are those that are not violent, and that are financially motivated. People charged with white collar crimes are business professionals and government workers. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, contact criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis IN Greg Spencer.

The types of white collar crimes will vary, but in general white collar crimes can include insider trading, fraud, Ponzi schemes, bribery, copyright infringement, identity theft, forgery and more. White collar crimes involve trying to get money or goods from others using tricks, bribery or cohersion, without the use of physical force.

A traditional Ponzi scheme has gotten many business owners in trouble over the years. In this type of scheme, investors are brought into a business, with the promise of a certain percentage of profit on their investment. In general, the return on these investments seems too good to be true, but investors have a hard time passing up such an opportunity.

To pay the investors the high rate of return, new investors are brought in. This money is not put into the business, but it is instead given to the previous investors as profit. This is a scheme that can be simple, or complicated, but it is not legal. If you have been caught running a Ponzi scheme and you need legal help, Attorney Greg Spencer can help you out of this legal mess.

Being charged with a white collar crime is a serious offense. Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Greg Spencer can sit down and discuss the possible options for your defense. The best way to handle your case is to be completely up front when you meet with the attorney. Any information you provide is confidential. The more honest you are with your attorney, the better your case will be handled from the beginning.