Marijuana Possession Charge

Indianapolis Marijuana Attorney
In Indiana, it is still illegal to possess marijuana, even if it is just for personal use. The charge of possession of marijuana or with intent to sell may prevent you from getting a job, owning a firearm, or getting college loans in the future. Consider hiring an experienced and aggressive Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer to fight the prosecutor’s case against you.

When Indiana criminal defense attorney Greg Spencer takes on your case, he will carefully examine the evidence against you and determine if your constitutional rights were violated. He will explore possible defenses against marijuana charges, whether it is to challenge the evidence or witnesses’ testimony, possible search and seizure violations, marijuana belonging to someone else (for example, if you were a passenger in someone else’s car), lab discrepancies when weighing of marijuana, etc.

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Cost of lawyer for a misdemeanor marijuana possession
Our payment plans start at just $500 down payment for misdemeanor chargers. We offer payment plans and discounts for payments in full.

How is marijuana possession proved?
The State may allege that you are in possession of marijuana if you are smoking it or marijuana is located in your vehicle, house, on your person. You may also be in constructive possession of marijuana if the cannabis is located in an area you control, although marijuana is not on your person.