Major Felony Charges

major-felony-attorney-indianapolis-greg-spencer-lawMajor felony charges are serious, and if you have been charged with a major felony it is time to sit down with Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Greg Spencer and discuss the merits of your case. Whether you have been charged with murder, manslaughter, rape, assault and battery, a hate crime, or another major felony, it’s important to talk over your case to see what kind of legal defense is appropriate for your case.

Major felonies are the most serious crimes, and with these serious crimes come harsher penalties. Your liberty may be at stake, even your lifetime of liberty, so it’s critical to work with an experienced attorney that has handled your type of defense in the past. Depending on the charges against you, you could be facing a lifetime of punishment for the crime you have allegedly committed.

When you meet with Attorney Greg Spencer to discuss your major felony charges, it’s important to be upfront. This way, your case can be properly evaluated, and there will be no surprises during any trial that may occur. Felony charges are important to fight with everything that you have, and leaving out information when you meet with your attorney isn’t going to help you over the long run.

It’s also important that you try to remember any factual information about the incident in question. If you have an alibi, now is the time to present that alibi to your attorney. If there is a police report from which your charges stemmed, it’s necessary to bring this police report with you when you meet with your attorney.

As you help your attorney build your legal defense, remember that anything you say to your attorney is privileged information. When you are ready to fight your major felony charges, give Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Greg Spencer a call to talk about your case. Attorney Greg Spencer offers free initial consultations, including to incarcerated clients.