Juvenile Crimes

juvenile-crime-attorney-indianapolis-greg-spencer-lawWhen you are caught committing a crime as a juvenile, the representation you receive to fight against these charges is important. The liberty of your teenager is at stake, and if your child becomes committed to the Department of Youth Services in the state of Indiana. A commitment to the Department of Youth Services can mean years of probation and oversight for your teenager. When contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney Greg Spencer in Indianapolis IN remember- your first consultation is free.

While juvenile records are often sealed, it’s important to remember that juvenile crimes can sometimes be charged as adult crimes. How your teen is seen by the court is very important, as the punishments for adults vs. youth for the same crime vary widely. If your child is considered an adult for the crime they committed, regardless of their age, this crime will stay on their permanent adult record.

Juvenile crimes can be very difficult to prove, especially if there was more than one teenager involved in committing the crime. What is most important is that you secure a qualified attorney for your teenager, one that will listen to their story and provide the best defense possible. Attorney Greg Spencer in Indianapolis IN is experienced with juvenile law, and he understands how teenagers are treated in a court of law.

If your son or daughter needs legal representation for a juvenile crime and you aren’t sure where to turn, give Attorney Greg Spencer a call for an initial consultation. Together we will discuss the merits of the case, and we will determine what kind of defense can be used on your child’s behalf. Your child deserves quality legal representation, an attorney who will take their case seriously. Juvenile crimes matter, and we will work together to ensure your child gets the justice that they deserve.