Experienced Criminal Theft Charge Attorney

Criminal Theft Charge attorney Greg Spencer has been practicing criminal defense law for the past twenty two years. The chargers of shoplifting or retail theft come with a variety of potential consequences. A criminal record can be embarrassing, and may prevent from obtaining student loans or getting approved for an apartment. Often the alleged shoplifter is detained and questioned by a security guard. If you are facing theft or shoplifting chargers, consider contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney. Greg Spencer law offers free initial consultations on theft, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, credit card theft chargers and others. We pledge to treat you with sensitivity, respect, and confidentiality.

If this is your first offense, a conversion agreement might be in your interest. Experienced theft charge defense attorney Greg Spencer knows that careful review of all evidence is essential when examining the case against you. Contact us via the website, call or text (317)-918-5982 for a free evaluation of your case.