dui-dwi-attorney-indianapolis-greg-spencer-lawWhen you have been charged with driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated,or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, you face pretty significant consequences the first time. If this is your second offense, the penalties for driving under the influence will be even more harsh. If you have been charged with this crime, you need solid legal representation that can provide you with the best defense possible when trying to fight against this charge. When contacting the experienced DUI attorney in Indianapolis IN Greg Spencer, your first consultation is free.

Driving under the influence in Indiana for the first offense will result in a 180 day suspension of your drivers license. Most drivers are awarded a hardship license for this time period, during which they can legally drive back and forth to work. If the hardship is approved, some drivers must use the ignition interlock device, which will measure alcohol levels in the bloodstream when the user breathes into the device.

If this is your second drunk driving offense, the penalties if you are found guilty can be harsher. While you may lose your license for 90 days, you can also face up to ten days in prison or at least 350 hours of community service. If this is your third drunk driving conviction in the state in less than ten years, any sentence you receive can’t be suspended. If you receive a sentence of ten days in prison, you must serve the sentence in at least 48 hour intervals, and you can’t take longer than six months to serve your time.

There are a number of ways you can fight against a drunk driving conviction. If you did not receive any sobriety testing, and you cooperated with the police at the time you were stopped, it may be difficult to prove that you were driving while intoxicated. It’s important to meet with a qualified attorney like a DUI attorney Greg Spencer that can handle your case, one who understands the ins and outs of laws that pertain to drunk drivers.