Drugs & Narcotics Crimes Attorney

drug-narcotics-attorney-indianapolis-greg-spencer-lawDrugs and Narcotics Crime attorney Greg Spencer has been practicing criminal law for twenty two years. If you’ve been charged with a drug or narcotics crime inĀ Indianapolis, Indiana, it’s time to get serious about your defense. Drug crimes are a felony, and if you are found guilty of the allegations against you, it’s possible that you will face significant jail time. When you have drug charges against you, it is critical to work with a qualified attorney with the experience you need in drug and narcotic crime defense.

Drug possession charges are less severe, and generally indicate that you had illegal drugs on your possession with the intent to use them for your own recreation. Some drugs aren’t even illegal, if you have a prescription for them. Amphetamines can be prescribed for ADHD, but some people use them for illegal purposes. Other medications that tend to get abused are benzodiazepenes, and pain killers. If you were caught with medications on you and charged with drug possession, a prescription for these medications will help you fight the charges against you.

Drug possession with the intent to distribute is a more serious crime, and if you have been charged with an intent to distribute, you need to prepare well for your defense. Intent to distribute can mean time spent in jail, and if you have any previous record of drug charges, you need to fight this charge with a qualified attorney on your side. Drug charges can build upon one another, and previous charges can affect sentencing in future cases. Attorney Greg Spencer has defended multiple drug chargers in Indianapolis IN, Marion county and surrounding counties.

When you’ve been charged with drug trafficking, your freedom can be seriously compromised. Drug trafficking is the most serious drug offense, and you will face significant time in jail if you are found guilty of this crime. It’s important to work closely with an attorney that can help you with these charges. Attorney Greg Spencer has experience in the drug cases involving CIs.